Hire a New Roofing Contractor After a Storm Damages the Roof

Hire a New Roofing Contractor After a Storm Damages the Roof

Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities to consider, but there’s one area where most fall short: predicting the amount of damage a storm can cause. It’s important to know what to do when the home’s roof has been damaged by a storm, and there are some valuable tips below for homeowners who may not know what to do after their roof has been damaged by a storm or high winds.

Assess the Damage

The first step after the storm dissipates is to assess the situation. An approximation of the damage can help the homeowner discuss their needs with the insurance company or new roof contractor while avoiding unnecessary costs. A roofing contractor can safely and easily get up on the roof to see how badly it’s damaged.

Make a Temporary Fix

If the damage is directly above the living area, a family’s belongings can be severely damaged by a leak. Put a bucket or trash can under the leak and remove nearby valuables to prevent additional damage. Serious problems may need immediate waterproofing, while smaller issues can typically be shingled over immediately.

Call the Insurer

The next step is to call the homeowner’s insurance company. An adjuster will determine whether the damage is significant enough to warrant coverage or whether it would make more sense to hire a roofer directly. After natural disasters, when large areas are affected, it can be beneficial to go through an insurer for repairs as contractors will be very busy.

Hire a Contractor if Necessary

If the insurer won’t cover the damage and the homeowner decides to hire their own contractor, they should look for one that’s certified and licensed. Above all, they should avoid contractors who only come into the area when there’s a disaster. A traveling, storm-chasing contractor has no reputation to protect, and they may perform substandard work.

Call a Roofer for a Free Estimate

Storms may pass through in an afternoon, but they can cause lasting damage to a home and its roof. A homeowner in the area can get a free estimate or visit the website for more information on the company’s services.

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