Top Things that a Homeowner Should Know About the Floating Bathroom Vanity

Top Things that a Homeowner Should Know About the Floating Bathroom Vanity

When the time comes to remodel the bathroom, many homeowners consider opting for a different vanity style. Most people know about double vanities and single vanities; however, they may not know as much about the floating bathroom vanity. There are several reasons to opt for this type of vanity. Continue reading to see if this is a good option for a particular home.

The vanity hangs on the wall which makes it a space saving option for small bathrooms. The space underneath the vanity provides additional storage. If you are short on space, a hanging vanity is an easy way to create more without making the room look overly crowded.

Floating vanities add a lot of impact to the room. Many are designed to be the focal point of the room. Think of them as one would think of a beautiful piece of furniture. They give any bathroom a more elegant look and feel.

Homeowners can get a custom look. These vanities come in so many styles and designs that it’s easy to get the custom look that you want. Choose a large piece with storage or a simple shelf design for a contemporary, streamlined look. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit the space. They can be equipped with one or two sinks depending on the needs of the individual homeowner.

Hanging this type of vanity is a job for the professional. It’s not something that a homeowner should attempt to do themselves. There must be a strong support in place in order to hold the vanity up. This can drive up the cost of a bathroom remodeling job slightly. However, a remodeled bathroom adds to the value of a home, so any cost can usually easily be recouped if the house is sold.

The next time a bathroom in the house is remodeled, a homeowner may want to consider the floating vanity. The room will seem more spacious, and it will offer additional storage while giving the room an updated, modern look. More and more homeowners are now opting for the unique look that only this vanity style can provide. 

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